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We offer maintenance, specialist help & support for domestic and commercial swimming pool and spa facilities.

We offer a high level of service. Our attention to detail is a priority throughout every project and our excellent aftercare ensures your pool is maintained to the highest possible standard.

All swimming pools require regular maintenance and we provide the care and control that keeps your swimming pool in the perfect condition that you want it to be in. We are a local business with extremely high standards, and we take the time that you the customer deserves, our combined experience in the industry and engineering expertise ensures you that your pool is well looked after. We can deliver our skills in all aspects, from maintenance and repairs to pool heating and refurbishment. Our pool maintenance service can be utilised all year round to ensure that your pool is always in the best condition.

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Your pool gets a lot of use during summer, which means it will need regular maintenance. We offer a wide range of scheduled maintenance and breakdown services

Available across Somerset , our team are happy to arrange a bespoke, regular cleaning schedule – weekly, fortnightly, monthly or quarterly – that suits your needs, performing integral performance checks on all equipment. Some of these checks include cleaning pump strainers of blockages, cleaning chemical injectors, backwashing & rinsing filters etc. Alternatively, if you require an emergency repair to your heating system or filters, our pool maintenance team are on hand to fix and service your system quickly and efficiently to get you back in the water as soon as possible.

We also offer a comprehensive open up service in time for the arrival of summer, including a full clean and water top up, before performing the full shut down and covering process for when the weather turns cold again.

Please note: Other than weekly services, the client needs to do some maintenance between visits. Any materials or chemicals supplied are additional to the cost of servicing and it is the client’s responsibility to keep the water level topped up.

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